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Elbert Waters with City of North Miami Family Entertainment Sports Center: Highest and Best Use Analysis Team
Elbert Waters with City of North Miami Family Entertainment Sports Center: Highest and Best Use Analysis Team


The City of North Miami has a 9-acre parcel of land that they wanted to explore the highest and best use alternatives that would provide the greatest benefit to the community. In that regard, the CoNM retained the expertise of the consulting firm Elbert L. Waters and Company, LLC. The charge to this firm is to present the city of North Miami with a development concept that moves this nonproductive strategically located parcel out of its years of inactivity into productive reuse.


For many years, the proposed project site remained vacant and had been previously underutilized as a storage facility for raw materials and equipment storage for the Public Works Department. Now the City desires to discover new vibrant and useful alternatives for this land.


By not taking on this project, The City of North Miami would be missing out on an opportunity to reinvigorate the area increasing property values (which increases property taxes i.e. revenue for the city) and creating employment opportunities for the people in the surrounding neighborhoods.

How We Helped:

This process began with a site-specific characterization of the property, historic use and development potential. An assessment of the existing market conditions surrounding the subject site was performed in a 1, 2- and 5-mile radii and greater. The factors considered included, demographic analysis consisting of Population, Education, Income, Housing, Poverty, and Occupation. A Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (S.W.O.T.) Analysis, a Citizens Survey Analysis and sustainability factors were considered.


We compiled our findings into an analysis that consists of over 80 pages of rigorous research and strategy. We determined the highest best use of the land would be a Family Entertainment Sports Center. The City of North Miami’s 9-acre project site will provide the citizens in the city’s 4th District, the city at-large and the broader region with an exceptional opportunity for entertainment, sports and recreation.


We provided a deep examination of the project in order to paint a very clear picture of what it would take to successfully complete a task of this magnitude and we helped the City of North Miami reimagine an underutilized parcel of land’s potential to create memories for generations to come in the form of a Family Entertainment Sports Center.


Elbert L. Waters and Company, LLC helped The City of North Miami compile invaluable data in order to make the best possible decision in regard to the use of this land.

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